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At re-enhance we have invested in the most advanced laser hair removal in Manchester, Cheshire. We use Splendor X by Lumenis laser hair removal so we can effectively treat all skin and hair types. It blends two laser wavelengths to harness their power and achieve better results. For a perfectly tailored treatment that is fast, effective and comfortable, choose re-enhance.

Unlike other treatments, our laser hair removal in Manchester, Cheshire, works for all body areas and all types of hair. Common areas we treat include the face, chest, legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. Unlike other treatments there are no gels and no mess with Splendor X. Our cosmetic procedure uses lasers to simply and cleanly remove your unwanted hair.

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  • Treatment Outcome Permanent reduction in hair growth
  • Procedure Time
    Lasts For Treatment is permanent
  • Recovery
    Tolerance Virtually painless, safe and effective
  • High Profile Testimonials
    Diverse Skin Solutions Safe and suitable for all skin types
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Splendor X Hair Removal

Splendor X hair removal utilises the revolutionary combination of two laser wavelengths which ensures we can treat lighter skin, darker skin, and all skin tones in between. By blending these wavelengths together in the correct amounts for your skin type, re-enhance can provide you with a perfectly customised treatment.

Ideal for all skin types, even tanned skin

Faster and fewer sessions

Long lasting results

What’s more, the large square shaped laser spot safely covers every inch of skin being treated so you don’t have to worry about spots being missed. The integrated cooling system combines cooled air and a cooled tip to protect your skin and ensure a comfortable treatment. Splendor X hair removal at re-enhance is safe, comfortable and effective.

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Laser Hair Removal

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  • When Should I Get Laser Hair Removal

    When Should I Get Laser Hair Removal?

    Say goodbye to the hassle of shaving and hello to smooth, silky skin! Laser hair removal is the way to go for long-lasting results. Book your appointment now!

  • Laser hair removal with our SplendorX machine

    Watch Our Splendor X machine in action

    Our patient has her first round of laser hair removal using our Splendor X machine. This machine has incredible quick results & is pain free due to its amazing cooling technology



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    The Benefits of Splendor X Hair Removal include:

    Permanent reduction in hair growth

    Results can be seen within weeks

    Virtually painless

    Safe and effective

    No downtime

    Caters for all skin types

    Looking to achieve smoother, hair-free skin? Enquire with our team of aesthetics professionals today for laser hair removal in Manchester, Cheshire, and beyond.

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