HydraFacial Manchester, Cheshire

From £95.00 | Platinum Hydrafacial was £180.00 now £90.00

HydraFacial was created to provide the best skin of your life. The technology it uses is unique and so are the amazing results it achieves.

After just one treatment you’ll look great and feel great instantly and the more you use it – the healthier your skin will become.

Our HydraFacial in Manchester, Cheshire consist of a three-stage process taking around 30 minutes and is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle. It detoxifies the skin, removes dead skin cells, extracts any debris and provides long lasting hydration and essential nutrient support to protect and rebuilds collagen levels. For those of you with a little more time, the HydraFacial Skin Health for Life Extended Treatment is very popular and adds an additional 2 steps that top and tail your HydraFacial with the Detox and Rejuvenation steps giving you a natural, glowing complexion that looks as good as you feel.

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  • Hyrdafacial During Treatment
  • Hyrdafacial After Treatment
  • Our patient with the team after her Hydrafacial
  • Hyrdafacial After Treatment
  • Hyrdafacial After Treatment
  • Hyrdafacial After Treatment
Re-enhance Team

Is it time to give your skin a boost? Try an all-natural Hydra Dermabrasion Facial in Manchester, Cheshire by re-enhance. All it takes is one session to cleanse your face of every day built up dirt and dry skin.

HydraFacial transforms your skin in the following ways:

Removes dead skin cells

Detoxifies the skin

Extracts any debris that has accumulated

Provides hydration and essential nutrition to the skin

Rebuilds the collagen levels in the skin

For those who want an extra boost, the HydraFacial Skin Health for Life Extended Treatment is also available at re-enhance. This treatment does all the above, as well as giving your skin a healthy glow using detoxing techniques. If your skin is looking tired and dull, bring it back to life with a Hydra dermabrasion facial in Manchester, Cheshire with re-enhance. Contact our team of experts today.

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Hydrafacial Treatment

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