Introducing Dr. Sulley Arshad!

Emergency Dental Clinic in Hale Barns

Introducing Dr. Sulley Arshad!

The team here at Re-Enhance are incredibly pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Sulley Arshad! Born and bred in Manchester, Sulley graduated from the University of Manchester in 2015 and has been practicing dentistry throughout Greater Manchester ever since. 

Dr. Sulley Arshad (full name Sulaiman Arshad) joined Re-Enhance because he has a passion for cosmetic dentistry. Sulley loves nothing more than helping to guide a patient on their journey to greater confidence, both in themselves and their smile. He takes great satisfaction in helping people find better dental health while achieving a better aesthetic look. 

Sulley grew up building airfix models and soon discovered that he loved using his hands to fix and build things. Having always wanted a profession in which he could care for others, Sulley chose dentistry because of the balance between providing health benefits alongside the artistic flair of cosmetic dentistry. 


While Dr. Sulley Arshad’s passion is in building confidence and producing beautiful smiles for his patients, he’s keen to stress the importance of maintaining good dental health. For Sulley, dental health issues should always be dealt with first to make sure that patients are comfortable and safe with their teeth. Whenever possible, Sulley goes to primary and secondary schools in order to educate the children and talk about the importance of good dental health.

When a patient’s dental health has been checked and treated, Sulley loves to sit down with his patients to discover and understand their individual needs and together plan a journey to better confidence and a brighter smile. 

Dentistry has changed a great deal in the past ten to fifteen years. Dr. Sulley is a modern dentist who aims to combine functionality with aesthetics with minimally invasive treatments. He prioritises the patient experience and the delivery of dental treatments that are not only of a high quality, but are also satisfying and comfortable. 


Private Emergency Dental Care With Dr. Sulley Arshad

Dr. Sulley passionately believes that all patients should have access to emergency dental care, which is why he provides a 24 hour, round-the-clock emergency service. Whether it’s the middle of the night, weekend, or any other time of the week, Sulley will be available to provide dental consultation for any of his patients. In severe cases, patients can even be seen in the middle of the night or first thing the next morning. 

All patients should have the option of speaking to a dentist in the evenings and weekends, and not be restricted to compromising work hours. Dental problems can occur at any time, and can also be incredibly painful and concerning. Sulley aims to deliver emergency dental care that not only provides pain relief and excellent dental care, but also gives patients peace of mind.

Sulley loves seeing someone who has been suffering from toothache and other dental pains and concerns leave his practice free of pain, satisfied and happy. Dental problems can cause a lot of anxiety, and Sulley is keen to put his patients at ease by knowing that with his emergency dental care they will always be looked after. 

Sulley’s Cosmetic Skills

Dr. Sulley specialises in a number of aesthetic dentistry methods and techniques, including: 


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If you’re looking for a new dentist, and you’d like to talk to Dr. Sulley, then we encourage you to call us today on 0161 941 3212 to learn more about our range of options that are sure to put a smile on your face.

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