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As the UK’s leading cosmetic clinic, we are committed to providing exceptional solutions for those seeking effective hair loss treatment in Manchester.

At our Manchester clinic, we utilise technology that is at the forefront of the latest advancements in hair restoration techniques. We understand the emotional impact of hair loss, which is why our professional and tailorable services are designed to both meet your unique needs and deliver leading results.

With a team of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, we offer a range of innovative treatments that target hair loss using non invasive, pharmaceutical grade serums. Our dedication to precision and excellence has made us the trusted choice for countless individuals seeking hair loss treatment in Manchester.

Platelet Rich Plasma / PRP and polynucleotides are our in-house treatments for Hair loss. Hair loss occurs when the hair follicle shrinks and weakens at the root of the hair shaft. Factors influencing hair loss: genetics, hormone changes, stress, illness, auto-immune disease, certain drugs, malnutrition, environmental factors.

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What Causes Hair Loss

A build-up of hormones and a loss of nutrients can cause the follicle to harden and thin, which may lead to the thinning and shrinking of the hair shaft. Eventually, the hair can no longer grow out of the scalp, causing the scalp to become exposed. The hair loss then spreads, leading to male or female-pattern baldness. When hair follicles are still present, even in a dormant state, it is possible to prevent and reverse hair loss.

Targeting the Root: Platelet Rich Plasma / PRP and polynucleotides is a pharmaceutical grade serum that targets hair loss conditions. It is designed to restore healthy hair matrix production by nourishing hair follicles with selective natural human growth factors that are present in healthy, younger hair. These factors may promote a normal growth cycle that may lead to healthier, thicker, and more fuller-looking hair. The formula aids in delivering nutrition onto the scalp, which can increase circulation around the hair roots. It also contains protective flower extracts to help maintain cellular health. Platelet Rich Plasma / PRP and polynucleotides has a dual functionality and can be used at home, or with a professional employing clinical therapies like derma stamping or CO2 lasers for results.

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