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Using our genetic DNA testing in Manchester, Cheshire, you can better understand your genetic makeup in order to optimise your diet, lifestyle, and supplement requirements. Genetic DNA testing opens the door to personalised medicine and nutrition, allowing for individualised recommendations based on your unique genetic profile.

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Genetic Testing

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The Benefits of Genetic DNA Testing

When it comes to personalised supplementation and nutrition, genetic DNA testing in Manchester, Cheshire, offers the following incredible advantages:

Diet Type Suitability: You may be genetically predisposed to benefit more from a certain type of diet. For example, genes can influence how you metabolise fats so you may benefit from a low-fat diet. You can book in with our nutritionist to discuss a tailored diet plan.

Lactose Intolerance & Celiac Disease: Genetic markers can determine if you are more susceptible to conditions such as lactose intolerance or celiac disease.

Vitamin & Mineral Needs: Genetic variations can affect how your body absorbs certain vitamins. Knowing this allows you to adjust your dietary intake or supplementation.

Caffeine & Alcohol Metabolism: Your genes can influence how quickly you metabolise substances such as caffeine and alcohol helping you determine optimal intake levels.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Metabolism: Genetic factors can influence how efficiently you convert essential Omega-3s into active forms, helping you determine optimal levels.

Antioxidant Needs: Genetic variations can impact your body's ability to neutralise free radicals, which could necessitate increased antioxidant consumption through diet or supplements.

Taste and Food Preferences: Some genes can affect taste perception, making certain foods taste bitter or otherwise unappealing. This can impact your food choices and nutrient intake.

Fitness & Recovery: Genetic tests provide insights into your muscle fibre composition, aerobic capacity, and recovery needs. This can guide nutrition strategies for optimal athletic performance and recovery.

Food Sensitivities: Though not definitive, some DNA tests suggest potential sensitivities to substances such as caffeine or salt, providing you with guidance on moderation or avoidance.

Optimal Micronutrient Levels: Understanding specific genetic mutations can allow for personalised recommendations for micronutrient intake to mitigate risks associated with deficiencies or excess.

Weight Management: Genetic testing can provide insights into how your body stores fat or regulates appetite, helping to customise your weight management strategies.

Potential Health Risks: Some DNA tests can highlight increased risks for certain health conditions, allowing you to make dietary or lifestyle changes as preventive measures.

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Consultation Process

At re-enhance, we understand that every patient is unique so we provide individual treatments tailored to you. We start with an in-depth consultation where we’ll answer any questions you may have about hormone replacement therapy for women in Manchester, Cheshire.

In order to gain the full picture, we take a blood sample which is analysed in our state of the art blood testing facility on site. Through understanding your individual hormone imbalance, we can devise a personalised treatment plan. Treatment entails prescribing the appropriate bioidentical hormones to suit your individual needs.

Regular follow up appointments are required (which may involve a blood or saliva test) to monitor your improvements and achieve optimum results. Our patients’ quality of care is our main priority and we aim to provide outstanding treatment for every patient.

1. Get In Touch With Us Contact us or book your professional consultation at a time and date that suits you.

2. In-depth consultation We provide an in-depth consultation which includes taking a small blood sample for testing.

3. Blood Test Results Our expert team will check your results to see which hormone imbalance has been detected.

4. Personal treatment plan We devise a personal treatment plan to suit your individual needs. This involves prescribing the appropriate bioidentical hormones, such as oestrogen and progestogen, testosterone and DHEA.

5. Follow Up Regular follow-up appointments monitor your improvements to ensure you achieve optimum results.

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Genetic Testing Manchester, Cheshire

The use of genetic testing in Manchester, Cheshire, to tailor recommendations for individuals is often referred to as ‘personalised medicine’ or ‘precision medicine.’ Genetic testing allows us to create a personalised medicine and nutrition plan based on your individual genetic profile. In doing so, our experts at re-enhance can optimise your health outcomes.

Whether you are interested in understanding your genetic code because you have specific health concerns or are just curious about your makeup, genetic testing in Manchester, Cheshire, is the answer. Genetic testing involves genomic sequencing which is your DNA blueprint and determines the way that your cells work. With this information, we can give you tailor made, bespoke lifestyle advice.

From how you exercise best, to your optimal diet, to any predispositions to health conditions, our genetic testing in Manchester, Cheshire, covers it all. With a simple finger prick blood sample, you will receive invaluable information into what your body specifically needs. You will have a follow-up hour consultation with a re-enhance clinician to discuss:

Nutritional and supplementation needs

Pharmaceutical needs

Sports and athletic performance

Our revolutionary test provides specific, individualised advice based on your genetic makeup so you can optimise your lifestyle. To book in, enquire with the re-enhance experts.

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