Dr Jane Leonard, The Lip Queen

Dr Jane Leonard, The Lip Queen

If you’ve always dreamed about having full, plump, kissable lips, but have been too cautious to go any further, it’s not hard to understand. Perhaps you’ve watched one too many episodes of Botched, have seen that even Kylie Jenner with her trademark full, pout, has had to have her lip fillers fixed, or you may feel like prior lip filler procedures haven’t given you the results you want. If any of these are the case, let Dr. Jane Leonard, the lip queen at Re-enhance, assuage your worries and give you the lips you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Jane is a fully qualified GP and cosmetic doctor. She is fully registered with the GMC (Number: 6157721) and holds a first class honours degree in anatomical science, focusing on the anatomy of the face, head and neck. She has extensive experience in aesthetic treatments, including training on London’s prestigious Harley Street.

Dr. Jane’s wealth of experience in lip filler procedures means she knows intuitively how to give you the lips you’ve always wanted, without risking your natural beauty.

dr jane leonard the lip queen

She is also experienced in correcting “botched” lip procedures. Botched lips are usually the result of fillers being injected incorrectly by unqualified practitioners. This can lead to lumps, bumps and bruising on and around the lips. Dr. Jane is also experienced at correcting lips that are overfilled, to make them look more natural, beautiful and to suit your own face.

When you come to Re-enhance to have a lip filler procedure fixed, Dr. Jane will first inject a dissolving liquid known as hyaluronidase into the lips. This quickly dissolves the previous filler to ensure Dr. Jane has a blank canvas to create your new lips on. The previous filler can take up to a week to dissolve, so when you come back, Dr. Jane will very gradually fill the lips, using her expertise and experience to ensure you have a relaxed, calm procedure, with results that are perfect for you, and what you want from your procedure.

At Re-enhance, we primarily use Restylane Kysse as our lip filler of choice. Restylane fillers are gel products made from naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, to help plump up and attract moisture and hydration to the area. Restylane Kysse is specifically formulated for lips, and contains lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, to improve comfort during your filler procedure. Your new lips will last for at least 6-9 months, with some clients experiencing the benefits for up to a year, and also feature Restylane’s Optimal Balance Technology (OBT) to help the fillers smoothly integrate into the skin. We can also offer Restylane Volyme, a thicker gel for more dramatic results.

Even if you’ve had poor experiences with lip filler practitioners before, with Dr. Jane’s experience, knowledge and passion for helping all of our clients feel their absolute best, at Re-enhance we know we can give you the lip treatment you’ve always wanted, without any of the complications. Whether you’re looking to correct a previous lip filler procedure, or want to feel safe and secure trying lip fillers for the first time, Dr. Jane Leonard, the lip queen, will be sure to make you look and feel amazing.

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