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Our Zoom NiteWhite programme is recommended by dental professionals as a safe and effective method for whitening teeth. Following your consultation we will custom make your whitening tray to ensure the perfect fit. Our experts will then suggest the most suitable whitening formula for you and discuss the most effective way to achieve the very best results.

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Dental Boutique Whitening

Our specialist Doctor

Dr Dominic Wyatt BDS
Cosmetic Dentist Hale

Dr Dominic Wyatt is a very experienced cosmetic dentist who provides many cosmetic dentistry treatments to his patients but specialises in the use of composite veneers. He is registered with the General Dental Council GDC and British Dental Association BDA. Dominic previously worked within NHS and private dental practises before joining re-enhance in 2013.

Due to his extensive experience in the use of composite veneers Dominic is very highly sought after, he has built an exceptional reputation in cosmetic dentistry and his clients are known to travel far and wide to have treatments with him. His passion is composite veneers and the demand for these treatments have now overtaken demand for porcelain veneers as a more cost effective, painless, quicker solution to the perfect smile. Dominic is also currently undertaking further training and qualifications to be able to offer anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers as part of his cosmetic services.

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Teeth Whitening Treatment Manchester, Cheshire

Our cosmetic practice offers teeth whitening in Manchester that helps you unlock the potential of your smile’s brilliance.

The consultants and team at our clinic operate at the pinnacle of dentistry in the UK, delivering safe and highly effective treatments that are professionally managed.

If you are looking to create a stunning, confident smile that leaves a lasting impression, trust us. For teeth whitening in Manchester, contact us today.

Home whitening kit

Proven safe and effective

Minimal sensitivity

Maximum results achieved in 1 to 2 weeks

Recommended by dental professionals

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    Boutique Whitening

    Our teeth whitening options include both day and night time treatments. From as little as one hour use per day, our Boutique By Day and Boutique By Night formulas achieve great results. If you choose to wear your whitening tray during the day you will benefit from our 6% hydrogen peroxide formula. This high strength solution provides rapid results, whilst keeping the teeth hydrated.

    For those who prefer night time whitening we offer 10% and 16% carbamide peroxide treatments. Teeth remain hydrated and protected thanks to pH neutral gels and a high water content.

    When you speak to one of our experts they will be able to suggest the best teeth whitening plan for you.

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