Lip Fillers In Altrincham

By Martin Kinsella on October 17th, 2018

We offer lip fillers in Altrincham in our practice at Re-Enhance.

Re-Enhance is our modern cosmetic surgery clinic with four locations. Our team of aesthetic medical professionals are highly qualified and experienced in the cosmetic arts. As with all aesthetic treatments, lip fillers should be administered by medical technicians. Lip fillers smooth out lip lines and plump up thin lips giving you a more youthful and appealing lip appearance that is completely natural. Lip filler injections are also effective in other areas of the face and jawline for an overall consistent look. Your lips feel normal and natural after the completion of lip filler treatments. Layering multiple treatments works well for those making a dramatic change from very thin lips to very plump.

We once used Collagen as a lip filler and many aesthetic clinics still do. However, for clients in Altrincham, lip fillers using hyaluronic acid fillers is our choice because the risk of allergic reaction is rare. Collagen use results in far more allergic reactions so rather than risk it we choose not to use it. Another benefit of hyaluronic acid fillers is the treatment can be reversed. Most clients are delighted with their results but it’s comforting to know if you feel uncomfortable about your appearance after a lip filler treatment, we can reverse it. We choose to use Juvederm and Restylane brands in our practice because of their proven results. For lips, Juvederm is especially smooth and it has a built in pain blocker. Clients may experience some pain during the injections so we recommend a topical pain blocker.

When our experienced medical technicians administer lip fillers in Altrincham, discomfort and bruising are minimal. Treatment time is about 30 minutes depending on your goal and results are immediate. You can expect the treatments to last a year or more. Older patients may need a touch up after six months. Contact Re-Enhance and schedule a consultation. We will answer your questions about the benefits of lip fillers and advise you of your options and expectations. Maybe genetics gave you thin tight lips or you may be seeing your lips thin as you age. Re-Enhance can overcome genetics and age indefinitely using the latest state of the art equipment, treatment and skills.

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Martin Kinsella

Leading dually qualified doctor and dentist Dr Kinsella is the founder and resident doctor of the Re-enhance clinic in Cheshire. Due to his renowned reputation he is also one of the elite doctors in London where you can find him at the Rita Rakus Clinic treating his celebrity patients. Dr Kinsella in the past has run international training courses teaching doctors and nurses in Turkey, Italy and Cyprus but now focuses his time on his own patients and practices, which he has successfully run for 14 years.

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