Bum Lift In Manchester

By Martin Kinsella on February 28th, 2019

At Re-Enhance, we want to relieve your worries about a bum lift in Manchester.

Client concerns are not always about the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. Some people just feel others will think they are vain or foolish when all they want is to look their best. Fashion today demands a trim and toned body whether you’re wearing a bikini, jeans or a business suit. There is no reason not to look your very best when the skill and technology is available and affordable at Re-Enhance. Think about it as taking back what’s yours. Age, pregnancy, weight loss and unkind genes cause you to wish for the return of Victorian clothing but you would miss the freedom of today’s styles.

Millions of women all over the world have undergone a bum lift, sometimes referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift. For many of our clients in Manchester, bum lift is combined with liposuction to reduce fatty deposits. The fat is redistributed to create a rounder and higher bum. The skin over the buttocks is smoothed eliminating the stretch marks, skin folds and dimpling that steals your self-confidence on the beach. A bum lift improves the silhouette of your figure by returning the natural symmetry of your body. You will look great in anything you wear because your butt is where it’s supposed to be. The self-confidence you feel is as it’s supposed to be as well.

A bum lift in Manchester does not result in a bigger bum. The results are natural looking, unlike the artificial implant procedures. We use Aqua Shape liposuction to remove fatty cells from where you don’t want them and use them to reshape your butt. There is very little downtime or discomfort with this procedure which is performed under local anaesthetic. Contact Re-Enhance and schedule a consultation with our doctor. Once your procedure is complete you’ll love that the results are instant. Our clinic is well established, staffed with medical professionals and of course safe. We offer many procedures to keep you looking your best. Get rid of that baggy dress; go out and have fun.

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Martin Kinsella

Leading dually qualified doctor and dentist Dr Kinsella is the founder and resident doctor of the Re-enhance clinic in Cheshire. Due to his renowned reputation he is also one of the elite doctors in London where you can find him at the Rita Rakus Clinic treating his celebrity patients. Dr Kinsella in the past has run international training courses teaching doctors and nurses in Turkey, Italy and Cyprus but now focuses his time on his own patients and practices, which he has successfully run for 14 years.

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