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Incredible Body Jet Liposuction From Re-enhance Clinic

Body jet liposuction is an advanced liposuction technique that uses water pressure to eliminate unwanted body fat. Unlike earlier liposuction methods which were invasive, this method is better, shorter and just as effective. Saline fluids are injected into the body’s fat layers in pulses, helping to dislodge the stubborn fat for easy removal. Patients are quickly embracing body jet liposuction because it takes a shorter time to complete compared to traditional techniques. In addition, it doesn’t leave any bruises. Re-enhance is a renowned skin and body clinic which performs the best body jet liposuction procedures in Europe.
Fat is usually deposited in specific areas of the body such as the tummy area. This fat results from an increased intake of starchy, high-carb foods. When a strict workout regimen and a proper diet plan fails to do the trick, liposuction can be a great alternative to get rid of excess body fat. Although some individuals deem liposuction as unsafe and unorthodox, nothing could be further from the truth. The method has been consistently used for decades to help people get back their incredible shape. Most fat is usually deposited on the skin’s adipose layer. This fat can therefore be dislodged and removed through a variety of liposuction techniques.
There exists a lot of health conditions associated with body fat. These include high blood pressure and obesity. Although most of these ailments can be managed, prevention is always better than cure. Fat reduction through body let liposuction is a safe and quick way to gain back your youthful figure. It also helps keep diseases at bay. A lot of detail goes into each body jet liposuction procedure. It’s important to ensure that a team of professional surgeons perform the operation. A clean operating environment and hygienic tools are also mandatory when performing liposuctions.
The beauty of having a gorgeous, fit body cannot be underestimated. It drastically improves your image and boosts your confidence. Booking a body jet liposuction from Re-enhance Clinic could be a life-changing choice. Our trained specialists ensure that you’re comfortable and ready for the operation. The body jet liposuction procedure takes only a few hours. Re-enhance Clinic has ensured that it doesn’t cost an arm and a limb to receive this surgical procedure. All patients who’ve gone through our clinic can attest to our high degree of quality. We strive to ensure that you’re happy with your body.
Apart from body jet liposuctions, we offer a variety of surgical procedures and cosmetic treatments. These include dermal fillers, fat transfers and body contouring. Whatever treatment you need, we’ve got it. If you desire anti-aging services, we offer blood testing, profiling, food intolerance testing and others. We’re aware of your unquenchable need to stay young and healthy. This is why we offer personalized healthcare services to fit your specific need. Visit our website: for information about our long list of services. We’ve also incorporated dental surgery in our main clinic that’s located in Cheshire. Make a visit to fix any dental issues you may have.

Obesity is now a global issue, with countries including the UK, USA and even Brazil all looking at an obesity epidemic. This is why we now see so many companies starting up and offering solutions such as Juice Plus diets, personal training as well as many cosmetic clinics offering solutions such as liposuction.

body jet lipo

While liposuction seems like the fastest and most effective solution to losing weight with clinics claiming “they can shed inches without you having to exercise or diet” there are many questions around these procedures and whether or not that is strictly true.

According to Emma Idowu of Medispa S10 who performs liposuction in Sheffield says ““Science and technology have now made it possible to physically lose inches without the need for invasive surgery”.

In this blog we look at the advantages and disadvantages of liposuction procedures

Liposuction with aspiration

This procedure has been used for many years in the past and is the original form of liposuction which is an invasive surgical procedure. Although the procedure is invasive and will involve local aesthetic along with down time it is highly effective and is still used by hundreds over the planet. This procedure is not recommend for those who want to remove cellulite as it can make it look worse, however removes both small and large volumes of fat from the body.


This is a non-invasive procedure which involves freezing the fat cells so they die in the specific area you wish for fat to be removed. The fat is the sucked away by a machine in that area and usually takes up to 45 mins. The results can be seen usually 12 weeks after the treatment and in some cases longer. The procedure is known to be uncomfortable but results do look promising when they are achieved.

Low level laser

This procedure uses a laser to create a hole in the fat cell which makes it decrease and then the fat is taken away by the lymphatic system. The results are inaccurate as many receive good fat loss and others none what so ever. You are also recommended to exercise after treatment and eat healthy no carb foods.

Ultrasound cavitation

This procedure only targets fat cells and does not damage the surrounding tissue. It uses waves of ultrasound to target the fat layer only. This highly effective treatment is highly recommended as it completely destroys the fat cells, however exercise after treatment is encouraged so the fat can by excreted naturally. Some patients may experience redness afterwards which shortly vanishes.

Combination of ultrasound and radio-frequency

This technique combining both procedures seems like the revolutionary approach for liposuction as it effectively removes and destroys fat cells using ultrasound waves and then tightens the skin at the same time, performing both weight loss and body contouring. So for patients where traditional liposuction wasn’t suitable due to lose skin this treatment can be the way forward. This is a pain free non-invasive treatment which requires no post exercise, with no down time or damaged caused.

Here at our Re-Enhance Clinics we offer a range of highly effective liposuction treatments including Body Jet Liposuction, Smart Liposuction and Fat Transfer at all our clinics in Cheshire, London, Wakefield and Majorca. Please contact us today to discuss your treatment options and for any advice on  0161 941 3212.

For those who haven’t seen our videos on our clinic, demral fillers, Velashape 3 and more on Youtube, here you go…

Dr Martin Kinsella on our cosmetic clinic in Hale, Cheshire

Dr Martin Kinsella – dermal facial fillers demonstration

Dermal Fillers Demonstration 2

Filming at a training day of Velashape 3

The youngest fully qualifying Doctor and dentist in the UK and pioneer of anit aging techniques and bioidentical homone therapy

Dr Martin Kinsella talks to host Antonia Mariconda about our amazing Perfect White Black tooth whitening toothpaste and how it is going down a storm in celebville.

We are all aware of the saying age before beauty…but this isn’t the case for 60 year old Youtube beauty guru Melissa55 who is the mother of two and grandmother to seven!

We came across this inspirational woman on Youtube who has thousands of hits for her fantastic tips on beauty and how to keep it hot even at 60.

Some of her blogs are also incredibly amusing, sharing her secrets on “How to get a hairbump overnight” Melissa55 says “I sleep with my hair up most of the time so he doesn’t have any idea when I do this that I actually have a roller in my hair.” and I bet her husband is still as hooked as he was the first time he met her. Good going girl, we will be sure to use these secret tricks!

Melissa55, as you can see from the videos we’ve used, looks utterly divine at 60 and you know what her secret is to youthful skin? Melissa swears by Retin-A and Retinol. She is also against moisturizing and Botox.

Her fantastic beauty tips and energetic personality is something we could all get some of. We have featured three of her videos in this blog, by all means get her Youtube name and view as many as you like, we’re sure you’ll find them as highly as addictive as we did, enjoy ladies…

We are always keeping an eye out for any new information, recommendations, procedures and news we can share with our clients and we fully respect RealSelf which is the largest community of patients and doctors who share information regarding cosmetic surgery. They receive over 51 million views in 2014 alone and many doctors and surgeons praise the site and are more then happy to share their experiences and knowledge on procedures and treatments. From the patients perceptive it’s really useful, when one posts a review all visitors get to value how ‘worth it’ the particular treatment was which gives other visitors the heads up whether or not it really is worth it or not.

RealSelf will publishes a simple ranked ‘Worth It’ scale based on all the data they collect. This can be gathered in terms of the treatments/procedures with the overall highest worth it score, or by the highest number of reviews and the associated worth it score, to give perhaps a less skewed view of which cosmetic treatments are being ‘rated’ as good by the largest quantities of global patients.

Let us take a look at the data provided by RealSelf for July 2015 for both surgical and non surgical cosmetic treatments and see what it can tell us (these lists are based on those procedures or products listed with the highest number of reviews and their associated worth it score, rather than simply by worth it score alone)…

Top twenty surgical procedures by number of reviews (and associated worth it scale):

Breast Augmentation – 12,393 reviews (97% WORTH IT)
Tummy Tuck – 12,435 reviews (97% WORTH IT)
Brazilian Butt Lift (liposuction and fat transfer) – 10,220 reviews (93% WORTH IT)
Rhinoplasty – 6,181 reviews (89% WORTH IT)
Breast Implants – 4,982 reviews (95% WORTH IT)
Mommy Makeover (tummy tuck, breast surgery (lift or augmentation) and liposuction) – 4,888 reviews (97% WORTH IT)
Breast Reduction – 4,263 reviews (98% WORTH IT)
Liposuction – 2,813 reviews (91% WORTH IT)
Facelift – 2,722 reviews (95% WORTH IT)
Eyelid Surgery – 2,331 reviews (93% WORTH IT)
Smart Lipo – 1,752 reviews (83% WORTH IT)
Breast Lift – 1,366 reviews (95% WORTH IT)
VASER Liposuction – 602 reviews (88% WORTH IT)
Body Lift (tummy tuck, buttock and thigh lift) – 550 reviews (95% WORTH IT)
Fat Transfer – 516 reviews (84% WORTH IT)
Neck Lift – 459 reviews (94% WORTH IT)
Labiaplasty – 377 reviews (94% WORTH IT)
Chin Implant – 369 reviews (87% WORTH IT)
Buttock Implants – 347 reviews (86% WORTH IT)
Arm Lift – 300 reviews (93% WORTH IT)

Re-ordered top twenty surgical procedures by ‘worth it’ scale:

Breast Reduction – 98% WORTH IT
Breast Augmentation – 97% WORTH IT
Tummy Tuck – 97% WORTH IT
Mommy Makeover (Tummy tuck, breast surgery (lift or augmentation) and liposuction) – 97% WORTH IT
Breast Implants – 95% WORTH IT
Facelift – 95% WORTH IT
Breast Lift – 95% WORTH IT
Body Lift (tummy tuck, buttock and thigh lift) – 95% WORTH IT
Neck Lift – 94% WORTH IT
Labiaplasty – 94% WORTH IT
Brazilian Butt Lift (liposuction and fat transfer) – 93% WORTH IT
Eyelid Surgery – 93% WORTH IT
Arm Lift – 93% WORTH IT
Liposuction – 91% WORTH IT
Rhinoplasty – 89% WORTH IT
VASER Liposuction – 88% WORTH IT
Chin Implant – 87% WORTH IT
Buttock Implants – 86% WORTH IT
Fat Transfer – 84% WORTH IT
Smart Lipo – 83% WORTH IT

Top twenty non-surgical procedures by number of reviews (and associated worth it scale):

Botox – 3,201 reviews (93% WORTH IT)
Juvederm – 1,916 reviews (87% WORTH IT)
CoolSculpting -1,344 reviews (72% WORTH IT)
Restylane – 1,108 reviews (87% WORTH IT)
Fraxel Laser – 829 reviews (71% WORTH IT)
Radiesse – 802 reviews (78% WORTH IT)
Ultherapy – 647 reviews (67% WORTH)
Laser Hair Removal – 555 reviews (89% WORTH IT)
Tattoo Removal – 545 reviews (89% WORTH IT)
IPL – 530 reviews (73% WORTH IT)
Sculptra – 488 reviews (87% WORTH IT)
Dysport – 414 reviews (83% WORTH IT)
Thermage – 341 reviews (43% WORTH IT)
Chemical Peel – 311 reviews (84% WORTH IT)
Permanent Makeup – 298 reviews (74% WORTH IT)
Picosure – 261 reviews (94% WORTH IT)
miraDry – 234 reviews (91% WORTH IT)
Cellulaze – 217 reviews (63% WORTH IT)
Perlane – 177 reviews (89% WORTH IT)
Microdermabrasion – 163 reviews (73% WORTH IT)

Re-ordered top twenty non-surgical procedures by ‘worth it’ scale:

Picosure – 94% WORTH IT
Botox – 93% WORTH IT
miraDry – 91% WORTH IT
Laser Hair Removal – 89% WORTH IT
Tattoo Removal – 89% WORTH IT
Perlane – 89% WORTH IT
Juvederm – 87% WORTH IT
Restylane – 87% WORTH IT
Sculptra – 87% WORTH IT
Chemical Peel – 84% WORTH IT
Dysport – 83% WORTH IT
Radiesse – 78% WORTH IT
Permanent Makeup – 74% WORTH IT
Microdermabrasion – 73% WORTH IT
CoolSculpting – 72% WORTH IT
Fraxel Laser – 71% WORTH IT
Ultherapy – 67% WORTH
Cellulaze – 63% WORTH IT
Thermage – 43% WORTH IT

This may help you to decide whether a treatment is worth it, it may not but it’s always good to get a second opinion from someone who has had the treatment you’re considering. If you require some expert advice on any of the cosmetic treatments we provide at our Re-Enhance Clinics for the face, body, hands and neck please contact us on 0161 941 3212.



While many of us turn to cosmetic surgery to treat our depressing wrinkles and lines, many still find this is too expensive and seek more affordable options such as make-up and products. With so many different products to choose from it’s quite hard to determine which will do the job, so we have done a little bit of research ourselves to give the best make-up and products for wrinkles and lines.

Firstly you should know a few tips how to apply your moisturizer and make up so you don’t get a build up of make up in your wrinkles and lines which then looks “cakey”. Begin by apply your moisturizer as soon as you have washed your face, the dampness combined with the moisturizer will help to pump and even out your wrinkles and lines. Then if you should apply an eye serum under and around your eyes, preferably silicone-based, this will help to stop your concealer from slipping. Once you have applied your moisturizer, eye serum and concealar you need to apply your make-up, making sure that you do not pack it on too much or to thick as it will stick to your creases and lines and make them look even worse.

Another great tip when applying your make-up is to focus on the bone structure and features which will lift the face. You can give yourself a more youthful and perfect complexion by using lighter and darker shades to make hard lines soft and soft lines hard.

Top 5 Make-up and Products for Preventing and Hiding Wrinkles and Lines

  1. Almay Clear Complexion Pressed Powder $9.00 or £5.78 – This product works great on zits and acne as the powder is infused with a anti-acne ingredient, which helps to prevent future spots from breaking out and at the same time masks all the blemishes you have on your face.
  2. Lavera Young FACES Mint Blemish Stick Concealer $16.00 or £10.27 – This fantastic magic stick is the perfect two in one concealer which at the same time covers and hides your blemishes works on treating and reducing your scars caused from spots.
  3. Cover FX Brite Prep $45 or £28.89 – This is the ultimate primer, not only does it fill in the lines and rough spots on your face to help your foundation stay on but it has a melanin formation which minimizes freckles and spots.
  4. Eucerin Redness Relief Redness Reducing Concealer £17 or £10.91 – This concealer contains licochaicone, an extract from the licorice root which effectively reduces red and blotchy skin instantly.
  5. Fusion Beauty SkinFusion Brightening Minerals $38 or £24.40 – Infused with minerals that increase cell turnover and stimulate new collagen

If you would like to visit our product page where we supply a wide range of clinically tested products that treat all types of problems including wrinkles and lines, please click here.


It is now stated that 1-5 woman will actively pursue a cosmetic procedure according to TIME Magazine who features an article on Nip, Tuck or Else written by author Joel Stein who spend a year on researching the growing trends in this extremely demanding industry. He found that the growing number of procedures in cosmetic surgery outweighed the numbers by far for plastic surgery, he that concluded that “cosmetic surgery is the new make up”.

Many woman seek these procedures for the simple fact they want to look and feel good. You may be considering having plastic surgery done or a cosmetic procedure so let us help you to decide which is best for you by first explaining what the differences are in these two types of treatments.

Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery – whats the difference?

Well although they do share similarities in terms of what they can do for a person they both have different goals as cosmetic surgery is to enhance the appearance of ones face and body, while plastic surgery is to reconstruct and repair the defects to a normal function and appearance.

Cosmetic surgery includes a range of different procedures, techniques and treatments that are all used to effectively enhance the patients appearance to the desired effect they wish. These treatments are practiced by professionals, Doctors, medicals and plastic surgeons across the glove.

Some of the typical procedures included in cosmetic surgery are:

  • Breast enhancement also known as breast augmentation which can lift, reduce and reshape the breasts
  • Skin rejuvenation includes Botox also known as anti wrinkle injections reduce lines and wrinkles on the face, laser treatments, and fillers.


Plastic surgery is used to effectively reconstruct defects on the body and face which are caused from birth disorders, trauma, burns or disease.

Some of the typical procedures in plastic surgery are:

  • Breast reconstruction
  • Burn repair surgery
  • Congenital defect repair: cleft palate, extremity defect repair
  • Lower extremity reconstruction
  • hand surgery
  • scar revision surgery

fat transfer

Although many plastic surgeons carry out cosmetic surgery procedures, cosmetic surgery training is obtained separately from plastic surgery training and all doctors and surgeons of Re-Enhance have undergone the correct qualifications and training. To find out what qualifications, training and our experience our team has you can find out by visiting


Cosmetic surgery is used by thousands across the globe, all who have their own reasons for using it but with hopes for the same outcome that the surgery will change their appearance to the desired look they wish to achieve. However in some cases cosmetic surgery is very much needed as a matter of health and well-being such as breast reduction for women whose breasts are causing them pain such as back ache.

Questions to ask yourself before you consider cosmetic surgery

You need to be aware and prepared that these cosmetic treatments are not always guaranteed effective results, they are expensive and do not always last for long. With these issues it’s important to ask why you want cosmetic surgery?

Many people think it will change their life in some way and for some yes it can be life changing depending on how effective the surgery is and how much the persons image has to transformed to achieve what they want. According to the NHS you should speak to your GP first before you go ahead with any cosmetic surgery as they are best to advice you on whether or not you do really need it.

Choosing a cosmetic surgery right for you

If you are going to go ahead and have cosmetic surgery you need to find a clinic that is fully qualified, trained and experienced to carry out the procedure safely and correctly. Once you have found a reputable cosmetic surgery like Re-Enhance, ask your surgeon as many questions as you need to to make you feel comfortable and safe.

Please visit our page which lists all our qualifications.

Non-surgical procedures you can have:

There are both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments you can have, some of the non-surgical treatments are:

Botox, Dermal facial fillers, chemical facial peels, laser skin treatments, skin resurfacing and more.

Surgical cosmetic treatments are:

Fat transfer, liposuction, breast augmentation and more.

Visit our for a full list of treatments or contact us by phoning 01619413212 to discuss your requirements and for the best advice from our team.





Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment on the market and it’s no surprise with it’s benefits for getting rid of those ageing lines and wrinkles but there are also many misconceptions surrounding what Botox does and doesn’t do for a patient and who is Botox suitable for. Here are some of the familiar myths circling Botox at the moment and what the actual truth is:

Myth – The best time to have Botox is when lines first appear

Truth – It is actually best to get Botox before lines and wrinkles appear and this can help prevent them all together. It can effectively teach the muscles that cause the lines like when frowning or smiling to not make those certain expressions which cause the lines. A plastic surgeon from Los Angeles said “Often by starting Botox preventative, people and their muscles can actually learn to not make certain faces and expressions and contribute to worsening their lines. By not making certain expressions in the future, or making them less often, you may actually need less Botox or need it less often.”

Myth – If you stop having Botox your wrinkles will get worse

Truth – This will not happen, however once you stop receiving Botox your wrinkles will take their original state and normal development of wrinkles and lines will resume but they will not become worse. Botox are not permanent anyway, they only typically last between 3-6 months but with on-going treatment they can last longer

Myth – You can have Botox no matter how young you are

Truth – Botox have been known to reduce the wrinkles and lines on a person as old as 70 but as for an 18 year old this would be a complete waste of time. Even though Botox do work in the prevention of lines and wrinkles, an 18 year old would not see the benefits of this as the face is so young and fresh, however a person in their mid 20’s may benefit from Botox as this is the age wrinkles and lines will start to appear.

Myth – Botox is used only for wrinkles

Truth – This is not true, Botox is used to treat migranes and also excessive sweating.

Myth – Botox is for women

Truth – Just take a look at almost every male celebrity and then tell me this is only for women… I think not! So many men, probably even more men then women have Botox to reduce their tale tell ageing lines and why not when it works?!



Many women are put under huge pressure to get their bodies back into shape after giving birth. The people who have put this pressure on women clearly have never had children or understand how difficult it can be to shed those pounds and tighten up after child birth.

Every woman is unique in her own right and all bodies and shapes are different, it may take one 6 weeks to get her body back to the shape it was before she was pregnant whilst taking another woman 6 months to recover from it. If that isn’t enough pressure it certainty doesn’t help when we are bombarded with images of celebrities after giving birth looking like models, completely hot, tight and toned. So why is it we can’t look like this? Why is it when we spend hours in the gym everyday, taking class after class and eating hardly anything we still cannot achieve this look? What is their secret?

Surgery! Celebrities don’t miraculously wake up the day after having a baby looking super fit and toned, they’re are not Gods even if they look like one. Many celebrities will undergo surgery and cosmetic procedures to get them back into shape as quick as possible. These procedure will include fat transfer, body jet liposuction, smart liposuction, Vaser liposuction, Velashape 3, breast lipo augmentation and buttock lipo augmentation which are all forms of liposuction.

Take a look at the before and after photos taken from our patients who have undergone liposuction treatments:


body jet lipo in Cheshire, Manchester, Wakefield, London and Majorca from Re-Enhance Skin and Body Clinics



If you would like to book a free consultation today at one of our Re-Enhance Clinics to discuss the liposuction treatments available to you please call 01619413212.


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